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About Kent

A lifelong learner, music lover, and serial entrepreneur, I started a career in finance as a commodities trader and later became a Senior Portfolio Manager for Smith Barney and then Morgan Stanley. I’m currently the President of Next Level Financial Advisors and a partner in software startup ProDeuce Sales Management. I’ve spent over a decade studying human behavior and specifically, the subconscious mind.  My hope is that the book, Monkey Brain, helps people understand why it is they sometimes succeed with ease at their goals, and sometimes fail no matter how hard they try, and how to change the equation so they succeed much more often.  I hope to teach them a powerful and permanent way to change their lives for the better.  A simple technique to tap into your own subconscious motivations is the key.

Most of my free time is spent on the never-ending projects our small farm in Doylestown, Pa. offers up, as well as tending to the barn-animal pets alongside my wife of 25 years.  This has earned me the moniker “Farmer Kent”, generally offered by friends and colleagues with a wry smile, as they seem fairly incredulous when I tell stories about the miniature donkeys and goats, barn cats and Irish Doodles that populate the place.

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